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Cleaning Services

Winex Pro is a commercial cleaning services provider. At Winex Pro, we are religiously dedicated to providing unmatched and highly professional services

At Winex Pro we strive to provide maintenance and cleaning services for your office space or building that will satisfy you and keep your employees in a safe, healthy and hygienic environment.

Our motto is to never compromise on the quality of our services.

We know how hard and time consuming the cleaning, disinfection of your workspace can be, especially during a worldwide pandemic. That is where Winex Pro excels. With efficient and proven methods, we will make sure that you never have to worry about cleaning and disinfecting ever again.  

Residential Buildings

Cleaning Services

We are offering our dedicated professional home cleaning services focusing on the overall cleaning solutions and customer satisfaction.

Winex Pro understands your needs and requirements related to home cleaning and sanitation: residential buildings and houses encounter different types of dust particles and harsh dirt on the floors, roof, windows, walls, corners, and outer area of the house.

It can take long hours and continuous efforts to deep clean and sanitize the targeted areas. The presence of these particles in suspension can be harmful for the health of the inhabitants of the building.

Let our technically trained and skilled team take care of everything. With the use heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners and cleaning solutions to sanitize your home properly, your home will be as clean as ever.

We have a particular approach on the floors, walls, roof, windows, doors, outer areas, and all the furniture in the house for cleaning. We provide tailor-made and customized cleaning packages to our clients for their convenience.

Residential Buildings Cleaning


Cleaning Services

Most of the restaurants suffer from many types of dust, dirt, and pest conditions but very few organizations satisfy the needs and requirements of the customer. However, we believe that it is of great importance to recognize and understand the specific needs of the clients. Therefore, we focus on quality services adapted to our customers’ satisfaction.

Winex Pro promises the best quality cleaning services in the town for a very competitive cost. We majorly focus on the overall sanitization, disinfection and cleanliness of the property. We offer front end cleaning, back-end cleaning and kitchen area cleaning.



The lowest layer of our environment contains airflow in which lots of bacteria circulate. These can easily infect the human body through any means such as touch, animal transmission or air transmission.

That is why proper sanitization and disinfection services become prominent. Winex Pro is a team of smart, skilled, and professionally trained individuals providing rich quality disinfection services for your office space, residential space, or any retail outlets. The disinfection process reduces dramatically the chances of getting in the target contact of any environmental deadly disease.

Today, as we are all facing a pandemic situation caused by Covid-19, it is extremely necessary for us to keep our places neat, cleaned and disinfected. Our team of professionals work to provide you with a healthy and livable environment through deep and effective sanitization. We use eco-friendly sanitizers that are approved by the authorities World Health Organization and Santé Canada.

Standart Clean

Our Standart Plan
  • Full Cleaning of House
  • Wipe Down & Scrub
  • Before We Leave
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Deep Clean

Deep Cleaning Plan
  • All add-onns include
  • Deep Cleaning Of All Rooms
  • Before We Leave
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Opt For Either Of The Pricing Plans

Cleaning Plans
  • Convinient Pricing Plans

    We at Winex Pro offer tailor-made pricing plans that are very much affordable for every individual. We give such service experience that is value for money.

  • We Sweat The Details

    When we say, we take care of your even minor cleaning needs and wants then we actually sweat the details. Our professional team focuses on the detailing while cleaning the targeted are.